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The OurFamilyWizard Calendar simplifies the tasks of tracking parenting time, sharing event details, scheduling holidays, and more. Where standard calendar applications cause miscommunication and conflict, the OurFamilyWizard Calendar keeps everyone on the same page with tools designed specifically for co-parents' unique scheduling needs.

Learn how to use these specialized tools for shared parenting schedules, holiday exceptions, parenting time modification requests, and events using the tutorials listed below.


Calendar FAQs

Get familiar with the OurFamilyWizard calendar tools with these frequently asked questions. 

Will my co-parent be able to see the parenting schedule I entered?

    • Yes. Parenting schedules are shared between co-parents. Additionally, both you and your co-parent are able to update all shared parenting schedules.

What's the easiest way to document exceptions to our regularly scheduled parenting time?

I got an alert that my co-parent created a new event. How do I find it?



Whether you're sharing the details of a doctor's appointment or are entering this season's hockey schedule, the OurFamilyWizard calendar makes it easy for parents to inform each other of upcoming events and activities.

Use these tutorials to get a handle on the basics of OurFamilyWizard calendar events:


Parenting Schedules

Accurately documenting your shared parenting time is simple with the OurFamilyWizard parenting schedule tool. Whether your parenting time follows a regularly repeating schedule or is unique from month-to-month, you'll find it easy to keep track of where your child needs to be and when.

Creating your schedule

Schedules created with the parenting schedule tool will be marked by a coloured bar at the top of each day. 

> Read the step-by-step walkthrough, including instructions for the most common 50/50 schedules

> Learn how to customize the colours used for your parenting schedule

Modifying your schedule

If your schedule was entered incorrectly or has been updated since you created it in OurFamilyWizard, you are able to modify an existing parenting schedule to reflect those changes.

> Learn how to change your parenting schedule on OurFamilyWizard



With the OurFamilyWizard Holiday Schedule Builder, you can add holidays and other special occasions to your calendar with ease. If holiday plans ever create exceptions to your parenting schedule, those updates will be made automatically without any need to modify the schedule directly.

Creating Holidays

Holidays can be used for vacations, birthdays, graduations, or whenever your family needs to document one-time changes that have been agreed upon in advance.

> Learn how to use Holidays


Schedule Change Request Tool

The patented schedule change request tool clarifies parenting time modification requests, minimizing confusion and the conflict that stems from miscommunication.