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When using the Message Board on OFW, parents can remain confident that their correspondence is making its way successfully to their co-parents. There are none of the worries associated with email and text messaging. Important correspondence will never bounce, be marked as spam, or take forever to be delivered.

Learn how to use the Message Board on the OFW website using the tips and articles listed below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Acquaint yourself with the OFW message board by exploring some of the most popular questions about this tool.

I deleted a message I sent to my co-parent. Will they still be able to see it?

  • You can delete a message from your 'Sent Messages' folder, but doing so does not delete the message from your co-parent's 'Inbox.' Even if you delete a message before it is opened by its recipient, the recipient will still be able to view the message.

How can I tell if my co-parent has opened a message I sent to them?

  • When your co-parent has opened a message you’ve sent them, it will be marked with a first-view date and time. You can find this information in the ’To:’ field when viewing a message. Additionally, on the OFW web application, the message’s status symbol will change from a filled circle to an empty circle.

How do I know if a message has been sent successfully?

  • To check that you’ve successfully sent a message, go to the ‘Sent Messages’ folder and review your message history. Because OFW is a closed system, messages sent between co-parents will never be lost in transmission, unlike emails or texts that can fail to deliver or bounce back. Every message will be accessible immediately to the recipient upon sending as long as they have a stable internet connection. 

I accidentally deleted a message that I need! How do I retrieve it?

  • When you delete a message, it will remain in your 'Trash' folder for 30 days before being removed from that folder. To restore a message deleted fewer than 30 days ago, go into your 'Trash' folder, select the message, and move it back into its original folder.

    If it has been more than 30 days, you can still view the message in your ‘All Correspondence’ folder. All messages, deleted or otherwise, are stored permanently in your ‘All Correspondence’ folder.


Sending messages

You can use the OurFamilyWizard message board to send and receive correspondence with your co-parent as well as any third-party, child, and practitioner accounts connected to your family.

Sending a message to your co-parent, or any other account linked to your family, is as simple as navigating to the Message Board and clicking on the Compose button.

Don't wish to send your message quite yet? Click Save to create a new draft and come back to it later when you're ready to finish.

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Raising children from two houses is made easier when parents can easily share important documents and pictures with each other. On OurFamilyWizard, parents can either upload items directly to MyFiles or they can attach them to messages. When attached to a message, files are permanently uploaded to OFW and cannot be removed.

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Analyzing your message with ToneMeter

Respect is essential for great communication. But if conflict is a factor after a divorce or separation, managing the content of messages to keep discussions on track can be a challenge. For parents who want an extra layer of assistance with keeping their conversations positive and productive, ToneMeter™ is a helpful OFW add-on. It analyzes the tone of messages and raises a flag whenever it encounters statements that have the potential to cause issues.

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Message Histories

Co-parenting is complicated enough as it is without having to worry about missing messages or deleted correspondence. On OurFamilyWizard, co-parents will always have access to a complete, concrete record of their entire message history no matter what.

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System Messages and Action Items

The message board houses more than just the communication between co-parents and family members. System Messages and Action Items provide parents with a complete record of all additions and updates made with every single tool on the site. So if you're looking for a new event created by your co-parent or need to know the history of an updated expense request, the System Messages and Action Items folders are the perfect place to start.

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