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The My Account section of OurFamilyWizard is where you go to manage your personal account settings. Here, you can connect with professionals, update your billing settings, change your login credentials, adjust your notifications and so much more.


My Profile

My Profile contains your account and contact information. You can also manage your account language settings.

> Updating Account and Contact Information

> Language Preferences


Login & Security

Your login credentials and security settings are just two of the ways we keep your account secure. You are able to customize these settings for your account anytime.

> Username and Password Assistance

> Security Settings



Stay up-to-date about new account activity with notifications. From the website, you can manage your email or text message alert settings.

> Activating Email or Text Notifications


User Management

Go to User Management to control the accounts connected to your family on OurFamilyWizard. These include child and third-party accounts as well as practitioner accounts that give your family law practitioners access to oversee your activity.

> Third-Party and Child Accounts

> Linking with Your Practitioners on OurFamilyWizard

> Difference Between Third-Party and Professional Accounts


Colour Preferences

Your colour preferences let you customise the colours you see in your account for yourself and other family members. This impacts entries like your parenting schedule and last-viewed histories.

> Updating Colour Preferences



History

Get a complete report of your sign-in history anytime you need it. You can also get certain details about your co-parent's sign-in history. 

> Running a Sign-In History Report