One-Time Events on the OFW Calendar

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Learn how to create, update, and remove one-time events with the following tutorial. For help with managing repeating events, click here

In this tutorial:

Creating a One-Time Event

Creating a One-Time Event

  1. Navigate to the Calendar
  2. Click the New Event icon.
  3. Complete all required fields, which include a title for the event, start date and time for the event, and end date and time for the event. All other fields are optional, but you are encouraged to fill out these fields.
  4. Additional, optional fields include:
    1. All Day: If the event you're entering is scheduled for all day, you can simply select this box rather than input "Begins" and "Ends" information.
    2. Drop-off parent/Pick-up parent: If you would like to denote who picks up the children and who drops them off, there are drop-down menus for each directly underneath the "All Day" checkbox. These menus are titled "Drop Off Parent" and "Pick Up Parent." If these fields are completed, the begin and end times for the event will be color-coded on the calendar.
    3. Event for: You may complete this field if the event is for a specific parent. 
    4. Private: If an event is marked as your private event, the event will only appear on your personal calendar.  

Other options for creating a calendar event include providing the event location, setting a reminder for the event, adding an icon to an event, and providing any additional notes.

Editing or Deleting a One-Time Event

Editing or Deleting a One-Time Event

If you'd like to edit or delete a one-time event on the calendar, it must be an event that is still in the future. If the event has begun or has already passed, you will not be able to edit or delete it. 

  1. Navigate to the Calendar tab.
  2. Find the one-time event on the calendar and click on it.
  3. A window containing the details of the one-time event will open.
    1. Click Edit at the top-left corner of the window. Make updates to the fields you wish to edit within this event, then click Save to save your edits. One-time events cannot be updated to repeating events.
    2. Click Delete in the top-left corner of the window. 

Why can't I delete an event?

There are two reasons an event cannot be edited or deleted.

  1. Your co-parent parent or someone else created the event.  You can only delete or edit events that you have created.
  2. The event has passed.  Once an event becomes historical, it cannot be edited or deleted on the website. This is done to protect the integrity of your information.

However, you can create journal entries in the calendar for both future and historical events.