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Courts and OurFamilyWizard

Reduce the number of repeat visits by giving families the tools they need to resolve parenting issues independently.

Help Empower Parents

By mandating the use of the OurFamilyWizard® toolset, courts aren't just giving parents the blueprint for reducing conflict. They are also potentially decreasing docket sizes by minimizing the number of repeat visits. And with the clear and concrete records kept on OurFamilyWizard®, any cases that do return will be that much simpler to evaluate.


Harmony through clarity.

Coordinating shared parenting time, managing family information, and tracking expenses through a single platform prevents information from falling through the cracks. With read receipts for messages, detailed login histories, and other documentation tools, family law practitioners can effectively end any "he said/she said" confusion.


Protect children from conflict.

OurFamilyWizard® keeps co-parenting communication contained and frees children from the stress of playing the role of go-between. Child accounts on OurFamilyWizard® have limited access which allows them to stay informed without ever putting them in the middle.

OFW is ordered by family judges around the world.

Ordered in 6 Canadian provinces and across the United States.

Hundreds of judges in 6 Canadian provinces and all 50 states are ordering families in contested cases to use OurFamilyWizard®. The reason is simple: families who use OurFamilyWizard® do not return to court nearly as often and, in some cases, ever.

If parents do return, family courts and judges will have access to clear documentation of family activity. No more competing narratives about what was planned versus what actually happened. Courts can make that differentiation independently using reports that are protected from manipulation and fabrication.

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Practitioner Resources

Explore some of the complimentary resources available to practitioners on OurFamilyWizard®.


Individualized training with an OurFamilyWizard® representative. 

Receive convenient, one-on-one training with a webinar or schedule an OurFamilyWizard representative to come to your office and introduce you and your colleagues to the OurFamilyWizard suite of tools.



Helping Families in Financial Need

Many families may not have the financial resources to maintain a subscription with OurFamilyWizard, which is why we offer scholarship accounts to parents who qualify. Legal officers and family law professionals can easily assist parents in applying to our fee waiver program.

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OurFamilyWizard® Brochures

OurFamilyWizard brochures provide parents with an overview of our many tools, how they work to reduce conflict, and instructions on how to get started. Bulk quantities are available for courthouses and larger offices.

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