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The Expense Log on OurFamilyWizard creates one central, secure location for managing shared parenting expense documentation and reimbursement requests.

When both parents are working off of one shared expense register, everyone stays on the same page about co-parenting costs. The Expense Log gives parents equal access to create entries, document payments, view totals, generate reports, and more.

Expense Log FAQs

Understand the basics of how the OurFamilyWizard Expense Log works with these frequently asked questions.

Will my co-parent be able to see the expenses I entered?

  • Your co-parent will be able to view any expenses that you have entered and have not marked as private. If you check the "Private" box when creating a new expense, it will only be viewable to you.

What happens after I create a new expense reimbursement request?

  • Your co-parent will be able to view your request and approve or refuse it. Approved expenses will add to your 'Is Owed' total and will be eligible have payments initiated to satisfy them. Refused expenses will not be included in this total.

I received a notification that my co-parent created a new expense. How do I find it?

  • Sign in to your OurFamilyWizard account and navigate to the Expense Log. On the Expense Register, your expenses will default to be sorted by purchase date. Any new expenses created by your co-parent that are waiting for your response will have the status of "Open", and you will have the option to approve or refuse that expense.



Document your shared expenses in the Expense Register to maintain an accurate log of child-related spending. Both parents can add expenses anytime as either reimbursement requests or expenses they need to pay.

Use these tutorials to get a handle on the basics of OurFamilyWizard Expense Log entries:



Expense categories will break down the total amount of an expense based on how much each parent is responsible for paying based on the type of cost. 

Your Expense Log will include four default categories that are optional for you to use. You can also create custom categories that will break down expenses based on your specific ratios of responsibility for specific costs.

> Get a detailed walkthrough of managing expense categories


Payments and Reimbursements

Record your incoming and outgoing payments for shared parenting expenses in your Expense Log. 

Marking an Expense as Reimbursed

If you have received full reimbursement for an expense, you can mark it as such without waiting for your co-parent to document the payment.

> Learn how to mark an expense as reimbursed through the OurFamilyWizard website


When documenting payments through OurFamilyWizard, you can record the means through which the expense was paid. Once your co-parent receives those funds, they can confirm the payment on OurFamilyWizard to note that the transaction is complete. 

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