Action Items and Notifications

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Action Items and Notifications are folders on the OFW messages that contain notifications about activity within your family on OFW. These messages can be particularly useful when you are looking for additions made by your co-parent or other family members. They also provide an additional record of account history for future reference.

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Action Items

Action Items

Co-parents will receive an Action Item alert when a request that needs their attention has been entered, updated, or responded to by the other parent. The activity for which co-parents receive an Action Item include but are not limited to:

Action Items messages will typically contain a link to the entry or activity in question. 

System Messages


Notifications contain updates about entries that do not require direct action from the co-parent. Notifications include but are not limited to changes made to the following:


Action Item and Notification History

Unlike messages sent between you and your co-parent, third-parties, children, and professionals, action items and notifications are not chronicled in the All Messages folder. If you need to recover an Action Item or Notification that you archived less than 30 days ago, go to the Archive folder and use the Move To drop-down to place the message back in its original location. If it has been longer than 30 days, please contact our customer support team for assistance in retrieving the message.