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Expense Categories break down your expenses based on how much you and your co-parent are each responsible for covering. There are four preset categories in your account that are entirely optional to use: General (50/50), Medical/Dental (50/50), Other (50/50), Personal (100/0).

You can also create your own custom categories to break down expenses based on the percentages of responsibility that you and your co-parent use for different types of expenses. Learn how to create custom categories with this tutorial.

Expense Categories
  1. Navigate to Expenses.
  2. Click Categories on the menu on the left of the page.
  3. On the Categories screen, you will see a list of all preset categories, as well as any other categories previously created by you and your co-parent. Preset categories cannot be edited; however, custom categories that are not assigned to any expenses can be edited or deleted.
  4. Click the Add Category button to create a new category. 
  5. In the Add Category window, you can title your category, add a description and set your percentage, which will generate the reciprocal percentage for your co-parent.
  6. Click the Save button.

Once saved, the new expense category will be available for use when creating a new expense.

You can edit or delete an expense that you created up until the time the category is assigned to an expense. You can do so by clicking the 3 blue dots to the right of the new category. Once a category is assigned to an expense, it cannot be edited or deleted.


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