Creating new accounts for clients

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Through My Cases, you'll be able to create new OurFamilyWizard parent accounts for clients as well as connect to clients already active on OFW. Both of these functions are accomplished through the 'Add Client' action. 

> Learn about creating accounts and connecting to clients through the OFW website

On the OFW mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, you are able to create accounts for new families and send requests for access to one or both parents in the family. It's important to be certain that the clients for whom you are creating accounts are not already active on OurFamilyWizard. To create a new account, 

  1. Navigate to My Cases
  2. Tap either the + sign in the top right corner or the 'Add Client' button if using the app through your iPad. The 'Add Client' form will pop-up and Create a new family will automatically be selected.
  3. Whether or not you are requesting professional access to their account will determine the amount of information you'll need to provide for a parent. Control access requests with the toggle switches located in the 'Professional Access' row.
    1. If you are requesting access: Provide the parent's full name and email address. Phone number is optional.
    2. If you are not requesting access: Only their full name must be provided. Both email and phone number are optional.
  4. Enter the first and last name of at least one child. 
  5. Tap Save in the top right corner. 

Note: When you create new accounts for clients, they will be emailed login information for their account. OFW Customer Support will also reach out by phone if a number has been provided to help them get started with their account. To aid in this process, it is recommended that you enter all contact information you have for both parents, regardless of whether or not you are requesting access to them. 

Client accounts created through the OFW Family Law Practitioner app will not have an active subscription associated with them. You can either activate their account through the OFW website or the parents can purchase a subscription upon login. 

If you requested access to their account during the creation process, your client will need to accept that access request upon login.