Adding ToneMeter™ or Additional MyFiles Space

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ToneMeter for Moment

Add-ons like ToneMeter™ and MyFiles space help you get even more out of your OurFamilyWizard account. These add-ons are included in some OurFamilyWizard subscription packages but can be added to a basic subscription anytime.

ToneMeter™ is an add-on for your OurFamilyWizard Message Board and OurFamilyWizard Journal. As you compose a new message or create a new entry in the Journal, ToneMeter™ will analyze the content of your message, flag emotionally-charged phrases, and provide feedback as to how each phrase in question might make the recipient feel when reading the message. Click here to learn more about ToneMeter™.

MyFiles, within the OurFamilyWizard Info Bank, is where you can upload important family documents to share with your co-parent or keep private for your own records. A basic OurFamilyWizard subscription comes with 1 GB of storage space, but it's easy to add more space. Click here to learn more about your options for adding additional MyFiles space to your account. 


How to Purchase Add-Ons

  1. In the main navigation menu, click My Account.
  2. In the Billing section, look within the Subscription Information box. In the rows for "MyFiles Space" or "ToneMeter™," click the green button that says Click here to upgrade.
  3. Check the box(es) for ToneMeter™ and/or MyFiles space. If you are adding MyFiles space, use the drop-down menu to select the amount of space you wish to purchase. 
  4. Review your payment total. If you are purchasing add-ons mid-way through your current subscription, your payment total will be prorated according to how much time you have left on your subscription.
  5. Enter your payment information, if you don't already have it saved on file. 
  6. Click Buy to complete your purchase. Your selected add-ons will be available for you to use immediately.