Trade/Swap Requests

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The patented Trade/Swap™ tool clarifies parenting time modification requests, minimizing confusion and the conflict that stems from miscommunication. Use this tutorial to learn how to use the Trade/Swap tool on the OFW mobile app.

In this tutorial:


Creating a new Trade/Swap™ Request

Create Trade/Swap
  1. Using the app's main navigation bar, tap the Calendar icon.

  2. In the Add Item menu, tap Trade.

  3. Complete all of the required fields. These fields include the following:
    1. Enter a brief reason for your request.
    2. In the “Respond By” field, select the date by which you must receive a response from the other parent regarding this trade. This date must be at least 48 hours before the requested date in order to allow for a response.
    3. In the “Responsibility Of” parent, select which parent you are proposing to have parenting time per this request.
    4. Enter the Start and End dates and times for this request. This will represent the parenting time that you are offering or requesting in this trade.
  4. Decide if this request is a trade.
    1. Select Trade if you wish to propose a trade in parenting time for this request. If selected, complete the fields below with the Start and End dates and times for this trade. If you do not wish to offer a trade for your request, select No Trade.

Responding to a Trade/Swap request

When submitting a Trade/Swap request, the creator must select a date, a minimum of 24 hours in the future, by which they need a response. If you do not respond to a Trade/Swap request by the selected date, the request will expire, and no changes will be made to the parenting schedule.


Finding the request

When your co-parent enters a Trade/Swap™ request, you'll receive a notification if you have email, text, or push alerts enabled for your account. You'll see new Trade/Swap™ requests on your Calendar by viewing a date that corresponds to the request in question.

You can also locate Trade/Swap™ requests by reviewing the Action Item message that corresponds to the alert you received. To do so, first, go to the Action Items folder on your Message Board. Find the message with the subject of 'Trade Swap Request Created' and click on the 'Click to view' link within. You will then be brought to the Trade/Swap™ request in question. 


Respond to Trade/Swap Request

Responding to the request

You have two options when responding to a Trade/Swap™ request from your co-parent on the mobile app. Before selecting your response, carefully review the details of the request. Once a Trade/Swap™ request has been responded to, no further changes can be made to the request. 

  • Approve: Approving a Trade/Swap™ request updates the parenting schedule to reflect the proposed changes. 
  • Refuse: When a Trade/Swap™ request is refused, the parenting schedule will remain unaffected. 

If you would like the option to submit a counter-proposal to your co-parent's request, you have the option to do so when signed in through the OFW website.