5 Ways to Have Family Fun Even on Busy Days

Find ways to have fun on busy days.

Free time is fleeting in today's busy world. Adults with busy work schedules and children with lots of homework and loaded extracurricular calendars often feel like they struggle to find time to have a little fun outside of their work and school days. When children are overscheduled, they're at a higher risk of feeling anxious or depressed. They may even experience physical stress like headaches or stomach aches.

Many parents want their children to participate in activities that they enjoy and increase their abilities, yet moderation is key. As a busy family, it's crucial to find time within your schedule to connect and have a little fun to lighten up even if the most loaded day. Here are a few ways to find time to have family fun even on the busiest of days. 

Work at work

Do your best to leave work at work. While sometimes easier said than done, giving yourself a break from the daily grind when you're at home, especially when you're children are with you. Organize yourself before your day is over so that you're ready to go the following day without having to take work home with you. If you find that you have to keep an eye on some emails or need to take a call, set a time to do so after your children go to bed. Keep the time that you spend together focused on them and what you're doing together. 

Be engaged during car rides

Busy families tend to constantly be zooming around to get to events. Separated families spend time driving to get the children between homes. Whenever you've got a little time in the car, use it to be engaged with one another. Catch up on how everyone's day has gone if you are just getting together. Use it to play quiz games that can help your children prep for tests or other school-related studies. I Spy, 20 Questions or the License Plate Game are all popular car ride games that help you pass the time on a long car ride but can be fun on even a quick zip across town.

Leave notes or send quick messages

A pleasant surprise note can significantly perk up someone's day. Try leaving a short note in your child's lunch box to say 'have a great day' or write a silly question on a sticky note in a place where they'll catch it, leaving space for a response. If you can't be together on certain days, stay in touch remotely via a secure messaging service. Whether you send long, detailed messages or quick blurbs, staying in touch throughout the day can be a fun way to make even the busiest of days feel a little lighter.

Turn chores into games 

Chores don't always have to be a drag. Turn household chores into fun games or transform mundane tasks into something enjoyable, like turning a toy basket or clothes hamper into a basketball hoop. You might even find a few moments of fun with fitness as you perform different chores and household tasks, like taking a break for stretches mid-cleanup or doing jumping jacks together in between folding laundry. 

Take a break to enjoy something simple

Don't let yourselves get so caught up in the daily grind that you forget to simply take a moment to breathe and enjoy a simple pleasure. Be it a few minutes to enjoy a treat together, listen to a podcast you all like, or watch a short family-friendly show. 

Bonus Tip: Keep everyone on the same page

Busy family schedules are easier to cope with when everyone is informed. Keep your children in the loop of what their schedule is as well as when they'll be spending time with you and with their other parent. Get on a family-focused shared calendar that permits access for anyone involved in your family's busy schedule. When everyone can see when events are going to take place, everyone can find time to fit in some extra fun.