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We're always seeking quality content that's relevant to the needs of parents and their legal and mental health practitioners. If you are an expert in family law or mental health, we invite you to expand your online presence by having your original content published on the OurFamilyWizard website.



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As part of our Regional Resources listings, we strive to also include informative articles based on regionally-specific topics. We invite practitioners to submit articles that focus on an issue specific to where they practice. Here's an example of a regional article written about a topic specific to Illinois.

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The OurFamilyWizard Blog includes articles focused on a range of topics like children, co-parenting, divorce, separation, finances, family law, and much more. New blogs are published regularly and are included in the free OurFamilyWizard Newsletter. We invite experts ready to contribute informative articles to our blog.


Submission Guidelines

Must be an expert. We invite OurFamilyWizard Professional Account holders such as lawyers, mediators, judges, counsellors, therapists and other family law and mental health professionals to contribute quality content based on their expertise. Marketers need not apply. If you don't already have an account, please create your free account today.

Content must be original. We ask that any articles or other content you submit to us have not been published elsewhere on the web.

We will review your piece for edits. Our team will review any content you submit and make edits if necessary. If we do make changes, we'll send you the edited version to review and approve before we publish it.

No promotional material. Readers trust OurFamilyWizard to provide unbiased, useful content free from advertisements. Please consider your article as an informative piece and withhold self-promotional language or backlinks.

Submit an author's bio. Your article can include an author's bio with a link to your website. You may also include a headshot to include with your bio, but this is optional.

Word count. Articles should be kept between 600 - 1200 words, though we are flexible.

Write for a general audience. Your piece may be read by persons both within and outside of your field of expertise. Try to write your content so that it may be understood by a wide demographic.


How to Submit Your Content

If you haven't done so already, please start by creating your free OurFamilyWizard Professional Account. Once complete, please submit your ideas through the link below.

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