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Once you have professional access to a client, you are able to send messages to them from your OurFamilyWizard Practitioner Account. Use the following tutorials to learn how to use Messages on OurFamilyWizard.

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Messaging FAQs

Why don't I see the option to message with my client?

  • If you do not see a client within the list of possible recipients when creating a message, you do not have professional access to their account. To send them a new request or to check the status of a request you sent previously, go to My Cases

Can I message my client's co-parent?

  • Only if you have professional access to their account directly. Being granted access to a client's account does not grant you the ability to message their co-parent. To request access to the other parent in a family to whom you're already connected, visit My Cases.


Messaging basics



Inbox: Messages you have received from clients. 

Action Items: Messages from OurFamilyWizard that alert you to new access requests or responses to requests you have sent to clients. 

Notifications: Messages from OurFamilyWizard that alert you to new entries within a client's account that were shared directly with you, such as journal entries. 

Drafts: All saved drafts of previously composed messages.

Sent: Messages you have sent to your clients. 

Archive: Messages you have removed from your Inbox, Action Items, Notifications, or Sent folders. 

All Messages: A concrete record of all messages from your Inbox and Sent folders. 

Sending a message to a client

  1. Navigate to the Messages section of your Practitioner Account. 
  2. To create a new message, click the + sign in the action bar.
    To reply to a message you received, find the message in either your Inbox or All Messages folder and click on its subject. Then, click Reply or Reply All in the top left corner. 
  3. Select the recipients for your message in the lefthand menu. Tap the triangle icon next a family's name to see the possible recipients for that family. 
  4. Enter a subject and your message. 
  5. Click Send in the top left corner. Or, if you'd like to save your message as a draft to send later, click Save

Creating an auto-reply

Just like auto-replies for your email, creating an auto-reply for your OurFamilyWizard Messages informs clients when you are unable to immediately respond to their inquiries. To create your customized auto-reply,

  1. Navigate to the Messages section of your Practitioner Account. 
  2. Click the auto-responder button in the action bar.
  3. Toggle the status to Enabled
  4. Enter a subject and message for your auto-reply. 
  5. Click Save

You can disable your auto-reply at any time by simply toggling the status back to Disabled


Custom folders

If you'd like additional control over your messaging history, you can create custom folders. 

  1. Navigate to the Messages section of your Practitioner Account. 
  2. Click the Add Folder button at the top of the list of folders on the lefthand side of the screen. 
  3. A new window will appear titled New Folder. Type the desired name of the new folder in the text box.
  4. Click Save in the upper left corner to create your new folder.

Moving messages between folders

  1. Navigate to Messages and select the folder that contains the message you'd like to move. Note: You cannot move messages in or out of All Messages.
  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the message. 
  3. Click the Move button in the action bar at the top of the screen and select the desired folder.