Family Vitals

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The Family Vitals section of the Info Bank is the perfect tool to organize many of the most important details about your children including their clothing sizes, height, and weight. 

In this tutorial:

General Family Vitals

General Vitals

Information such as social security numbers, eye colour, and blood type are handled in the 'General Vitals' section of Family Vitals. To create or update these entries:

  1. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the section
  2. Enter the desired information in the 'Edit Vitals' pop-up window
  3. Click Save to save your entry.

Other Family Vitals 

All other family vitals are handled in boxes below the General Vitals section. To create new entries for shirt sizes, weight, height, and other details:

  1. Click the  icon in the corresponding box. 
  2. Enter the information, and assign a date. If no date is provided, the entry will show the date of its creation by default.
  3. Click  to save the entry.

Note: Parents can add their own information to Family Vitals. To keep these entries private, check the 'Make Page Private' option at the top of the family vitals page when viewing your own profile. Only the family vitals of parents can be made private.