Third-Party Accounts

Perfect for grandparents, bonus parents, care providers, and more.

Third party accounts are perfect for grandparents, bonus parents, and other family members

Co-parenting children means juggling a lot of moving parts, often involving people other than parents. To make sure your entire team is working together harmoniously, OurFamilyWizard offers parents the ability to create complimentary third-party accounts. 

A parent can provide third-party accounts to anyone who has a close relationship with the family. These accounts work great for grandparents, stepparents, coaches and family therapists. 

Third-party accounts have restricted access to the most important tools.  These accounts give users the ability to:

  1. View the family calendar, including parenting schedules, holidays, and events created by both parents.
  2. Use the message board to send and receive messages from other users. Third-party accounts do not have access to the correspondence between co-parents. 
  3. Create and view journal entries.

Third-party accounts are free and can be created by either parent.

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