Mediators and OFW

Cooperative solutions are made easier with the tools on OurFamilyWizard.

Family mediators across the world are choosing to make the OurFamilyWizard® website part of their practice.

The OFW® website is a tremendous tool for parents, but also for any professionals involved in helping them find a way beyond conflict.  By simply sharing information and communicating with each other through the website, parents are able to foster an environment where children are protected from tension and allowed to thrive.  

Eliminating miscommunication to mitigate conflict

No more of the "he said/she said": information is either on the site or not.  So as you try to help the parties come to resolutions over issues, it becomes very easy to determine the facts.

Built with accountability in mind, OurFamilyWizard® keeps detailed records of all parent activity within accounts. Parents cannot manipulate records or prevent their creation in any way. 

Helping parents move beyond conflict.

Whether it's documenting their parenting plan, making adjustments to the holidays, or sharing a copy of a child's report card, OFW® makes it simple. It has been found that parents who use the site have less conflict over communication issues while helping to keep the children out of the middle.

Practitioner accounts are free. Create yours today and explore the tools available to families and the family law professionals they trust.

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